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Canadian Army - New Combat Uniforms

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Canadian Combat Uniforms

  New 25 Oct 2002!   This image is a rotating .gif file that shows the CADPAT camo pattern, load bearing best, helmet, etc. to good effect. The image is about 225kb, so it will take a bit of time to download, particularly if you are on a dialup connection.

The colour of things to come...

In case any of our viewers are interested, I thought I would quickly review a pair of articles appearing today in local newspapers. Both discuss the new Combat Uniforms being issued to the Canadian Forces. The first, appearing in the Toronto Sun, briefly introduced the uniforms and described the Forces' program.

The Canadian Armed Forces are introducing a new series of "high-tech" combat uniforms. Currently, they are available in the forest-green scheme (issued to about 1/3 of the army by now, including Canadian combat troops in Afghanistan) and will shortly be available in a "arid environment" version.

These patterns, trademarked as "Canadian Disruptive Pattern", supposedly reduces by 45% the liklihood of soldiers being seen compared to solid-colour fatigues. They were designed using digital images of modern-day battlegrounds, including from places like Bosnia and Kosovo, and have been "in development" since 1988. The patterns are computer generated, and printed on cotton-nylon fabrics with inks that have some capability for reducing the soldiers' signiture for night-vision devices.

The project manager, Major Doug Palmer (seen in the photos wearing the desert pattern), says that the uniforms have caught the attention of the U.S.Marine Corps, who are planning to mimic the pattern.

Source: The Toronto Sun, February 7, 2002. Article entitled "Forces'fashion fatigues" by Sarah Green.

The second article, appearing on the front cover of Metro Today (also February 7, 2002) contained the same basic info, and a different picture. Both are fascinating, no?

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