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We welcome submissions to - we would love to see what you have to say. We do have a few guidelines and "policies" however. These are to protect you as well as us:

  • Written submissions should be in plain text, using the email submission form above, or through the Author's own email application.
  • The creators of this website ("Creators") will not accept attachments of any kind (photos, text, graphics) without prior arrangements to do so.
  • Submitted articles that fit within one of this website's content categories should use existing articles as a guideline to format/content structure, where appropriate. The Creators may provide templates for Authors to use as a guideline for article format and structure. If templates are available, they will be presented in this section of the website.
  • Submitted photographs or graphic images should use the existing gallery articles as an approximate guideline for quality and style. We want to show images that will inspire others (and ourselves!) to do their best.
  • Authors retain all rights to content of material. Please refer to our Copyright Notice for further details.
  • Authors grant (by submitting) the Creators the right to display this material with due attribution.
  • Authors grant (by submitting) the Creators the right to alter the layout and format of a submitted article (while preserving the essential content) such that the article's appearance thereafter falls within the site design aesthetic.
  • Authors grant (by submitting) the Creators the right to edit the submitted work for basic grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors.
  • Authors grant (by submitting) the Creators the right to modify photographs or graphic images (while preserving the essential content) so that the photographs or graphic images suit the site design aesthetic.
  • The Creators reserve the right to reject (with or without an explanation) any submitted articles, graphic images, or photography. Submission is not a guarantee of acceptance or publication.
  • There is no financial remuneration for publication in this website. (But you can send us checks if you'd like...)
  • The Author may request (at any time) that the Creators remove the Author's content from their page in a timely manner. The Creators shall remove the content identified within the request from this website as soon as possible.
  • If an Author wishes to impose any particular limitations on copyright or use of material submitted to this website, clear stipulations must accompany the submitted content. The Creators reserve the right to reject a submission (with or without explanation) if these stipulations are unsatisfactory to their purposes.
  • The Creators will not publish materials for which they do not have explicit (or implicit by submission) rights to publish.

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