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Introduction Back to Top

A Wine Taster's Review of the FTGZG Mailing List

FTGZG-L is a delightful little vintage produced on a daily basis by a frankly dizzying array of cyber-vintners. The proverbs about 'too many cooks' aside, this diversity of creative input produces an end product which is surprisingly mellow and smooth, with only the occasional tang of bitterness. An astoundingly high quality, considering the output of this particular label. The bouquet is quite pronounced, a delightful cornucopia of charged phosphors, acrylic paint with just a hint of the 'Je ne sais quoi' of gamerooms everywhere.

This particular number works well as an aperitif before gaming, creative or painting sessions, and as a lubricant for bull sessions. Does not go well with chickensh*t munchkins. While no hard and fast rules of etiquette surround its use, it is typically a gentlepersons' drink, and has become 'de riguer' at fashionable After Action Reviews.

Four Stars.

Written by Jim 'Jiji' Foster (

The Ground Zero Games mailing lists provide an on-line forum for the discussion of the products of Ground Zero Games. These discussions cover areas as diverse as game rules (existing, optional, and revised), the millieu of the GZGverse (and alternative millieus), trends in military technology and doctrine, reviews of products of interest, discussions of casting, painting, and modelling technques, reports of games played, and all manner of activities generally or specifically arising from an interest in the Ground Zero Games product line - Full Thrust, Dirtside, Stargrunt, and the conjectural FMA Skirmish.

The GZG Lists Back to Top

GZG-L (the main list)

The main discussion list, this list is a little bit of everything. It meanders all around a variety of issues of interest and it has a fairly large base of regular contributors and a respectable list of occasional posters or lurkers. The other lists are more specialized and focused and also tend to have smaller memberships and less list activity. It is a potent resource for experienced players (offering new scenario ideas, advanced tips on painting or game play, links to interesting websites, and discussions of the setting and military doctrines) and it is of fundamental value to new players (offering force construction, game balance and gameplay advice, links to errata and game resources, and experienced players willing to help resolve dilemnas).

Typical list traffic (if the digest I get is any guideline) may be reckoned at 35-60 Kb per day of traffic. I'd suggest the number of messages per day varies from a handful (on the quietest of holidays) up to about fifty or sixty at the busiest time or when issues of broad interest are discussed.

GZG-PEDIA (The Galactic Encyclopoedia of the GZGverse)

This list is for those with a particular interest in the canon (printed in the game books) future history of the universe. Discussions tend to focus on fleshing out the various mentioned powers (or inserting new minor powers small enough to pass beneath the radar of the canonical powers). Focus is on how the future history outlined in the game could have evolved, what the implications of that evolution are, and what ramifications the nature of the GZGverse has on how nations interrelate and how conflicts are fought.


This list tends to focus on the biology, psychology, history, and game mechanics associated with the various canonical alien races of the GZGverse (the Savasku, Phalons and Kra'Vak). This list sometimes discusses alien mindsets, other times alien physiology and physiognomy, and yet other times it addresses possible alien social and cultural development and structures. And once and while, we just talk about Big Nasty Bugs!


UberGeeken of the GZG persuasion, unite! You have nothing to lose but your marbles! This list is for those of us afflicted with a desire to translate parts of the GZGverse into computer code - vehicle generators, templates for various useful cards and data charts, generators for chit effects via dice, random scenario generators, starship design spreadsheets and javascript programs, and many other interesting projects are being worked on (in a typical off-and-on fashion) by a number of the list members. If this kind of geeky tech thing is our bag, climb aboard!

List Ettiquette and Mailer Settings Back to Top

A brief primer on important mailer settings and general GZG e-mail list ettiquette is presented here. It would be a good idea for potential subscribers to review this information before subscribing!

Join (Subscribe To) A Mailing List Back to Top

Information on how to join one of the four GZG e-mail lists is located here. The list is renewed and enhanced by new blood!

Submitting (Posting) To A Mailing List Back to Top

Information on how to post an article to one of the four GZG e-mail lists is located here. The more well-thought out contributions, the better!

Quitting (Unsubscribing From) A Mailing List Back to Top

Information on how to quit one of the four GZG e-mail lists is located here in case you need it.

Other List Server Commands Back to Top

The GZG mailing lists support a variety of other interesting commands which can be located here for your use.

Special Notice Back to Top

A list subscription notice is reproduced here. It may be of interest and the main important datum seems to be that anything posted to the e-mail list can be used by Jon T. in subsequent GZG products unless there is a notice that particularly limits the use of a post in such a manner attached to that post.

GZG-L Archives Back to Top

Some very useful information on list archives can be found here. This is an invaluable and oft-overlooked source of prior discussions with a powerful search tool.

List Administrators Back to Top

Archivist: Roger Burton West
GZG-L List Admin: Matthew Seidl
GZG-ALIENS List Admin: Matthew Seidl
GZG-PEDIA List Admin: Matthew Seidl
GZG-COMPUTER List Admin: Matthew Seidl

GZG-L Digest Back to Top

You'll find some good information on list digests here and you may want to consider this option if getting one 50 Kb message per day seems more sensible than 30+ smaller messages...

Adam Delafield Memorial Back to Top

A Tribute to Adam Delafield.

The GZG Community Bios Back to Top

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