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Tables of Organization & Equipment

Tables of Organization and Equipment

These articles provide players with alternative TO&Es to try out. The forces described are either from our own homegrown settings, or are mentioned but not detailed in the "GZGverse" official setting.

    Article   Game   Date Added   Description
    TO&E Basics for Beginners   SG2   28 Dec. 2001   [General] An Introductory article discussing the basics of how to set up a Stargrunt II force, for the beginner.
    Kra'Vak   SG2   21 May 2004   [Kravak] Using Kra'Vak ground forces in Stargrunt II.
    Generic Light Infantry Rifle Company   SG2   8 Mar. 2004   [General] Generic Light Infantry Rifle Company TO&E based upon US Marines Vietnam-era. Courtesy of Laserlight.
    Generic Motorized Rifle Company   SG2   7 Mar. 2004   [General] Generic Motorized Rifle Company TO&E based upon US Army FM 100-63. Courtesy of Laserlight.
    "The Mercenaries" - The Lightning Division   SG2   22 Oct. 2002   [General]   A look at The Lightning Division, another in the series of mercenary units by John Atkinson.
    "The Mercenaries" - Frier's Fusiliers   SG2   16 Oct. 2002   [General]   A look at Frier's Fusiliers, a mercenary formation created by John Atkinson.
    "The Mercenaries" - Apache Squadron   SG2   14 Oct. 2002   [General]   A look at the Apache Squadron, a mercenary formation created by John Atkinson.
    Fedayeen Commandos   SG2   29 Apr. 2002   [IF]   A breakdown of the IF Fedayeen Death Commandos submitted by Laserlight.
    NSL Jäger Company   SG2   4 Jan 2002   [NSL]  Detailed TO&E for an New Swabian League Jäger (Light Infantry) Company.
    PAU Mobile Manouver Group   SG2   4 Jan 2002   [PAU]  Detailed TO&E for Pan African Union Manouver Group Response Company, and basic organization for the Manouver Group.
    Oceanic Union Regular Infantry   SG2   4 Jan 2002   [OU]  Detailed TO&E for an OUDF Infantry Company, and basic organization of the OUDF Infantry Battalion.
    Oceanic Union Light Horse   SG2   4 Jan 2002   [OU]  The Light Horse Regiments of the OUDF provide a powerful Recon and Strike capability.
    Japanese Corporate Mercenaries   SG2   2 Jan 2002   [JA]  The Corporate Competitive Response Group of Akira Tetsuo International is a good example of the types of forces fielded by Japanese corporations in an effort to "ensure the 'safety and continued unhindered conduct of corporate trading'" in troubled times...
    Islamic Federation Infantry Company   SG2   1 Jan 2002   [IF]  The Islamic Federation fields several different types of Infantry Companies, including the Revolutionary Guard, the regular Line Infantry, and local Militias.
    Indonesian Commonwealth Raider Company   SG2   30 Dec. 2001   [IC]  The Raider Companies are a significant part of the regular Indonesian Commonwealth infantry.
    New Israeli Interface Assault Group   SG2   29 Dec. 2001   [NI]  The Interface Assault Groups for an important part of the New Israeli Defence Forces Special Operations capability.
    Independent Gurkha Companies, NAC Army   SG2   9 Dec. 2001   [NAC]   A look at the 5th Independent Company of the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Infantry Brigade, Royal Gurkha Rifles.
    123rd Battalion, RNALI   SG2   14 Nov. 2001   [NAC]   A detailed breakdown of the organization and equipment of a Royal New Anglian Light Infantry battalion battle group. Primarily of interest to SG players, but also as a general guide to how this type of force might be organized.

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